Payroll FAQs

Fan Yu

Q: What are the differences between the new Payroll V3 version and the old version V2?
A: V3 version is mainly based on retaining the original payroll engine and optimizing the presentation and operation to provide a better customer experience. If you used to operate in V2, there are several changes that you may need to pay attention to:

  1. Only your most recent draft payroll file is available in V3, which means that whenever you enter the system, only your most recent draft payroll will be available under the Process Pay Run button. This update makes your interface much simpler and eliminates the possibility that you may forget your draft payroll file for a particular period and go directly to the next period.
  2. This update will also help you to complete the payroll process every time since V3 does not provide payroll download in Pre-Run. Avoid the possibility of forgetting a draft file for a payroll period and going directly to the next period. If you need to make sure the payroll is correct at the budget stage, you can view it directly from the budget screen or download the payroll summary and employee details to confirm.

Q: How can I modify the payroll classification and the payment period to which an employee belongs? Will the modification affect the payroll result after it has been officially run?

A: In the Employee module, select the employee you want to modify and click the Edit button to enter the employee information screen. At the "Employee Type" and "Payment Cycle" options, click on the drop-down menu, select the desired option and click submit. This will have no effect on the payroll results that have been officially run before. Meanwhile, you can temporarily change employees pay structure, enable or disable employees when you process a Payrun. Please be noticed that this kind of modification won't affect your last Payrun. 

Q: If I need additional tax withholding, which payroll item should I use?

A: You can choose to use the additional_federal_tax and additional_quebec_tax payroll items, depending on the federal and provincial tax categories. After activating them in the company module, find out the employees you need to set in the employee module, add the additional payroll item in the employee payroll, and maintain the corresponding amount. Note that if you have already operated to the prepayroll status of the issue needs to be added, you have to click the edit button in the budget payroll screen to add the newly set payroll items.

Q: I want to pay bonus and I couldn’t add it. Where should I go?

A: Please go to "settings>pay items" section, then click on the Pay Items tab, then click on the search box appeared, type in ‘bonus’, select bonus, click save. If ‘Bonus’ is already there, please go to "My Employee" section, search the employee, click on the edit and add the ‘bonus’ to the employee, then click submit. Now you can go to payrun to add the bonus amount for the employee.


Q: I want to change the hourly rate for an employee. Where should I go?

A: All hourly rate is attached to a pay item. Please go to "Employee" menu on the right side, search or select the employee's name, under "Employment" tab, find "Basic Rate", then edit it and change the rate of a pay item under the click save. The rate will apply to your next pay run. It doesn't affect your current unfinished pay run or previous pay run results.

Then go back to payrun and find the employee you just updated the rate. Click on the ‘trashcan’ sign to the right of the pay item you just updated the rate, confirm, then click the ‘plus’ sign to the right of the employee’s name, select the blank box appeared and pick the pay item again. Now the rate is updated.


Q: DAS download PDF is not complete what should I do

A: The problem of incomplete PDF display is the problem of computer resolution. You need to shrink the screen (hold down ctrl and - to shrink, ctrl and + to enlarge) when opening DAS Preview and shrink the screen to the right size, and then click Download, you will be able to generate the full PDF.

Q: How do I do the payroll for the company that needs to pay vacations every period?


  1. First click on pay components under setting menu, select vacation_paid_nonvacationable, and activate the its status.
  2. Again, it doesn't affect your previous Payrun results your unfinished Payrun.  When you process a new Payrun, the platform calculate vacation payment. You might click on the ACTION column to view the details and write down the value in the VACATION EARNED column.

Q: What should I do when I find that I forgot to adjust the hourly rate during the payroll entry process?

A: First, click the "PRERUN" option in the "PRERUN" button below to save the existing input data. Then click the second item "My Employees" in the list on the left, click the "Hourly Payroll Employees" option, enter the name of the employee you want to modify in the search box to find, click the edit button under "action" of this employee, and select the last item Payroll", modify the "Unit Price" of the item "Regular Hour", and press "Submit" at the bottom after the change. After the change, press "Submit" at the bottom. Then go back to the third item on the left list "Pay Run", click on "Pre_Payroll", continue to edit the salary for this period, find the employee who changed the hourly rate, "Regular Hour" this item, click on the rightmost circle to hit the X option to cancel, and then select the "+New" option after the employee's name. Then select the option "+New" after the employee's name and add "Regular Hours" again, then the hourly rate will be the correct hourly rate after modification.


Q: Why when downloading this payroll summary, select the start time and end time of this payroll, but exported the last payroll?

A: Because the start time and end time in our "Report" option refer to Payday time, if you want to download the period from 2023-01-23 to 2023-02-05, the Payday is 2023-02-09 payroll summary, the start date and end date should be selected as 2023-02-09. This will export the Summary of payroll for the period 2023-01-23 to 2023-02-05.