How to setup automatically payment with your credit card or debit card for your service invoice

Fan Yu

How to set up PAC when you receive your invoice

Option 1: Fill your personal, company and credit card information in the “NT PAC Agreement (Fillable).pdf”*, sign and send it back to

Option 2: Pay one of your invoices with your credit card from the billing email you receive, then fill your personal and company information only in the ““NT PAC Agreement (Fillable).pdf”, sign and send it back to

*Please send request to if you did not receive the document.

How to set up PAD when you receive your invoice

If your debit card does not have online banking feature, please register on your bank official website or contact your bank manager first.

Step 1. Click “Pay this invoice” button on the invoice you receive from your email. Select “Pre-Authorized Debit in Canada…” and input correct name in “name on account” on the Pop-out window and click Pay button.

Step 2. Linking to your bank: Agree to link your bank account, select your bank and input your credentials.

Step 3. Wait for the system to verify your online banking sign in and select verification contact method. After inputting correct verification code, you will select your checking or saving account to pay from.

Step 4. System will ask you to agree on the PAD agreement with INOSSEM-TIMES CANADA INC.

Step 5. You will receive a PAD confirmation email shortly entitled “Confirmation of Pre-Authorized Debit(PAD) Agreement with INOSSEM-TIMES CANADA INC.”. Please forward this email to